Home Made Biltong for the Weekend

Making Biltong At Home On Monday evening I decided to make some biltong, I wanted to go the easy route, so I tried the quick and easy biltong recipe that can be found here. I […]

Satara Biltong Maker Review

Satara Biltong MakerThe Satara biltong Maker arrived within two days of ordering it. I bought it simply because it had the best reviews on Amazon. I also spoke to the Owner Brad and he answered […]

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Home Made Biltong Maker

Home Made Biltong Box In 2008 I decided to build my own biltong maker. I went to the hardware store and bought myself some plywood, screws and hinges. I came home and started assembling. It […]

Welcome to Biltong Buddy’s

Welcome to Biltong Buddy’s The Story of Biltong Buddy’s After immigrating from South Africa, many years ago, we missed the tastes of South Africa. This led to a quest to try and make our own […]

Biltong Recipes

Biltong Recipes Meat width is important when you are making biltong, if the meat is cut to thin, as it dries, it will buckle and twist. If the meat is cut too thick, it takes longer […]


What is BiltongBiltong is traditionally a lean beef meat which is salted and spiced and dried in strips measuring 30cm long and 10cm wide.What Is The Origin Of The Word?It originated from two Dutch words […]